9 thoughts on ““Meaninglessness” is Success”

  1. There are many people In this box …all are come in own package….as these all r looking some sad n happyas their own priority….thats all i can see


  2. As all know that success is plays a vital role in individual life because if we do plan that time we get the fail .in other side when i fail in my life that time i can get any plan for anyhing as well as get my goal very easily .now i do plan with different way do +do it different .😃😃😃😃😃🐶


  3. “Meaninglessness is definately way to success”
    BuT this will only happen if we persists as soon as we can!!! So be meaningless!!😇


  4. Yes,…afkors” meaninglessness is also one of the way to success”.
    But this meaninglessness only and only then convert into success or happens if we persists as soon as we can !!So be meaningless.


  5. Life is a full of package..Every thing also happened in my life.then also got easily the Every situations.not afraid any kind of Problems…


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