What are Upanishads?πŸ—¨ Are Upanishads giving us awareness of Personality Development? How are Upanishads useful to all the youth? πŸ““βœ’


18 thoughts on “What are Upanishads?πŸ—¨ Are Upanishads giving us awareness of Personality Development? How are Upanishads useful to all the youth? πŸ““βœ’”

  1. Batch p4
    ΰ€‰ΰ€ͺΰ€¨ΰ€Ώΰ€·ΰ€¦ is very beneficial for youth like us.By ΰ€‰ΰ€ͺΰ€¨ΰ€Ώΰ€·ΰ€¦ we get to know who we are.Upanishad changes our thinking.
    We know from the ΰ€‰ΰ€ͺΰ€¨ΰ€Ώΰ€·ΰ€¦ that we are the owner of limitless possibilities.

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  2. Yogesh
    Upnished are the very helpful for understanding the moto .
    If , a person really wants to know about the moto of life and his birth , he should go to read this.
    They can help us to understand the biggest question of life ” who am I?”
    So , upnished are plays the person life as a driver plays in a train.
    We can reach any station if driver is with us..
    So if we apply upnished in.our daily life so we can solve even the biggest mystery that who am I?

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  3. It is soo important to understand , only then we can understand the moto of our life and the value of our birth in our life etc. If we use it in our daily life only then we can able to know that who am i ??


  4. Upnishad are the very helpful for undersatanding the moto of life we are use it in daily life because they can help us to understand the big question of life…….. Who am I ?


  5. Upnished is the important to understand the motoo of life and it helps in our daily life and values in our. And it helps veryy much in our life to know that who am i !


  6. Hello everybody
    According to me, Upanishad itself is a universe. Who understood the Upanishad,he understood his whole life. I do not like to see video’s anymore. I do not know what is in it that I feel like I see it again and again . This videos has had a lot of impact on me . I never imagined that a man can change so much that he can become a monk from a robber this video motivate OK . I started to change myself.
    I know that watching videos will not do anything. It will have to apply it to itself . I am trying my best to apply it to myself
    According to me , the Upanishad takes the minds of questions to the world of answers
    Does man find answers to questions himself ?????????


  7. After the PD classes, I tried very well to know about the Upanishad, firstly I knew about the Upanishad is a part of the Vedas, are ancient Sanskrit texts that contain some of the central philosophical concepts and ideas of Hinduism, some of which are shared with Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism……..The concepts of Brahman (ultimate reality) and Δ€tman (soul, self) are central ideas in all of the Upanishads…… Therefore, it can be said that Upanishad is a good way to get that zero( their is nothing).

    p4 batch

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  8. Actually upnished’ s are sole of Hinduism. But it is not only Hinduism limited to it is for the welfare of all human beings entire humanity. Upnished teach us moksha. How to improve our soul . How to feed soul . As upinsheds are deserve from vedas thats why they have a rich philosophy that one can be a soul guru after reading these.

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  9. Am pawan
    Yes i agreed to everyone. Upanishad is very useful for knowledge & just like a powerful gadget. Because it is many things are known to how to going in our life .who i am?know to help us upanishad. How handle to any situation teach us upanishad.

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  10. Upnishad is very important to know who I am ? Upnishad can help us to discover ourselves and tells us real purpose of life ..we get answers to our every question thus it will leads to self realisation


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